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Submitted on
January 6, 2009
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Where are you;I think I'm lost.
Love where are you? Please come find me.
Tears falling down my cheeks as I fall to my knees.
Eyes burning as I wait for you, but how do I know if you want to even come for me.
I sit and cry loud enough for the demons in my mind to hear, loud enough to give myself a headache.
I wait hoping that some one will find me;sick thoughts running through my mind as the demon have a field day with my misery.
Demon with weapons of emotional destruction,appear to me as dark figures, eyes pure as snow, but holding dark secrets. They whisper to each other in sarcastic tones, of oh he'll come to get you, and no need to worry, but they truly mean don't bother you’ll be dead soon.
I cover my ears trying to ignore them but I feel so helpless, I try as I might I don’t block them out.
The sky turns black at the demons inside me, I am helplessly hopeless.
My  demons holding mallets stand at my side as if to be faithful to the one who houses them, but is it to late?
/THUD/ I hear it inside my head, I hear everything come crumbling down, walls I build to lock the demons out fall, allowing them to corrupt my mind, to chase away my sanity.
I feel broken, but then I hear a voice, so heavenly to my ears that I snap back just long enough to see if it’s even you.
You brush a hand across my red cheeks, I feel some what relaxed and so safe. You look at my with your own tear filled eyes telling me how much you missed me, and how worried you were about me.
The demons that thought they had me now coward in fear of you, you the man who saved me for the millionth time, and how grateful I am to have you save me.
The demons disappear with out a trace, cursing you as they leave but I hold you tightly, crying thank you, over and over again as you hold me close to your body telling me it’s all okay.
We return home and head to bed, I’m still fearful, but having you with me, makes me feel so safe like a princess with her knight in shining armour, a fairy with her loving pixie lover. I am safe with you, and I will forever feel that way as the demons of my mind find out a new way to capture me.
You saved me, though you might not know it, you have saved me on many occasions, and I just wish  I could find a way to thank you. I kisses your sleeping lips and cuddle up to you.
i dont know what came over me to write this but i feel like shit i think i have a cold, or something. but i got in the mood to write this.
song i listened to was Black orchird-BlueOctober
i think it might have also been the vodka i drank while doing this.>.<
i dont know whats happening but i hope to get over it soon.
Poem (c) Tori, me,:iconkeskai-yamada:
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Shanni-chan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2009
*gets cavity*

keskai-yamada Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2009
lol nice senpai
AshleesRebellion Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009  Student Photographer
its good, its kinda like a panic attack put into words.
keskai-yamada Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2009
thanks.^ ^
i dont know if that was what i was going for but i like the way you put it.^ ^
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